Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi and I hope everybody has a happy Thanksgiving!
I have been very neglectful keeping up with my blog, I know shame on me.
Not too much has been happening. Living in Nashville and still looking for a job there. Anyone out in cyber land know of any admin work in the Nashville area?

Spending turkey day with the fam down in Mississippi. Uncle was diagnosed with colon cancer and after his surgery they said they got it all. He'll meet with an oncologist to follow up. My great aunt just was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and has surgery tomorrow. Prayers being sent to her. I guess she didn't feel well for a long time but never wanted to go to the doctor.

Last CT scan in October was good. This new oncologist here in Nashville, likes just CT scans vs Pet and CT scans. Took a first PET scan with them in July i guess it was along with a CT scan,says if a CT scan comes up any different from the previous one then he'd order a PET along with it.

Some fun events coming up this December, Nutcraker, Mame, Holly Trolly light thing so should be a fun filled month!!

I'd also like to say I am thankful for my family, friends, health, docs (old and new!). oh and unemployment!!! ;)

happy turkey day y'all and take care

Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's been awhile!

Hi there from Nashville, TN!
I realize it has been quite a long time since I've posted anything on here! But things got a little crazy for a bit, but not health related...whoohoo!

Let's see, I was getting very tired of living in NY and wanted to leave. At the same time, I also new that my position at the company I worked for was also going to be eliminated, they just weren't giving a time frame. Well come the end of this past March, my lease on my apartment was also up. I talked to some people at work and it all worked out that at the same time, my final day at that company was March 25th and I got to leave with a nice package. So no more job and soon to be no more apartment, my roommate and I packed up, and she went her way and I went off to Nashville, TN. j

So here I am in Nashville, TN , no job yet, but enjoying the grass and trees much more than the concrete jungle. Anyone reading have any job leads for an administrative assistant type role in Nashville?!

On the medical front, my last Petscan came back ok. There was slight activity in Waldeyer's Ring, but is read as physiologic to my age and my doc didn't seem too conscerened about it. Also was starting a cold/sore throat at the same time as those scans. So now I'm moved and through a recommendation have found a new doc to go to. The problme was trying to get originaly biopsy slides sent to his office from NY. I had hand delivered all the scan results and cd's and forms that my former onc had given me but this guy wanted actual slides. who knew!? So i call the pathology dept and go round with different people who say i can only fax over a request but need their form and they can only fax it. But they would mail it and accept a signed letter asking for the slides. I fax it, a few days later, they still never received it. Speak to someone else who then tells me oh yeah I can email you the form and you can email it back. Well why couldn't those other people have told me the same thing..,,because i did ask them that very questions. Anyways, i got it all filled out and scanned in (after problems with my scanner of course lol) and finally they received it and sent everything out. I have my first appt with the new onc this coming Tuesday. I was told by someone who used to work in the office that there's a possiblity they might want to do another bone biopsy, which does not thrill be at all and I can't really see the reason why if I wouldn't have one if I never moved and stayed with my other onc. So I hope they don't!!! I just hope for the regular blood work and scans.
Other than that, I'm off to the Gulf Coast for a couple of weeks to visit my family. So that should be fun.
Hope everyone is in good health and even better spirits!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Suvivor Corps'

I received an email from Dani Sevilla of Survivor Corps, to help spread the word about their program for U.S. veterans and service members, Operation Survivor.

Here is the info on their Operation Survivor program:

Survivor Corps Supports Returning
Troops and Their Families!

News Facts
Within the United States there are over one and a half million service members that have served in military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Over thirty thousand have been physically wounded, but many more have experienced less visible, psychological wounds. Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder have emerged as signature injuries of these conflicts, with recent reports suggesting an increase in rates of suicide, alcohol and drug abuse, homelessness, and domestic violence among returning service members and veterans.

These traumatic affects of conflict, left unaddressed, could have far-reaching negative consequences for the individuals affected, their families, and our country. Survivor Corps’ work in some of the most conflict affected countries in the world has shown community reintegration to be the key factor in those that overcome their traumatic experiences, and those that are consumed by them.


Operation Survivor
Ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are creating a generation of veterans in the United States from all branches of the armed services and all 50 states who are struggling to overcome physical and psychosocial injuries. Most combat veterans convalescing in military hospitals across the country will survive physically, but getting on with their lives after returning home to their families and communities is proving a significant challenge for hundreds of thousands. Among the 1.6 million who have served since 2001, suicide is on the rise, as is unemployment and incidents of substance abuse and domestic violence.

The successful reintegration of returning service members is an issue that will have a long-lasting impact on American society, and may become the single defining struggle facing this new generation of veterans. Survivor Corps and its partners are determined to avoid the mistakes made when veterans returned from Vietnam, which resulted in tens of thousands of post-war suicides and over 200,000 men and women living on the streets.

To head off this tragic outcome, Survivor Corps will build peer support programs at the community level that will bring service members and veterans together for mutual support and encourage both individual responsibility and collective action to help others in need.

Survivor Corps is offering an alternative “treatment” that can be made readily available in all communities, regardless of proximity to traditional military or govern¬ment centers of support. Our approach is nimble enough to address the needs of individual survivors, while still broad enough to build a coalition of survivors and service providers working to effect long-term positive change.

This new program will help the recovery and reintegration of hundreds of thousands of returning U.S. service members at a critical time for them and their country.

Video Elements
Kyra Phillips of CNN Interviews Scott Quilty About Survivor Corps

About Survivor Corps

Survivor Corps helps people around the world who have suffered war and violence to rebuild their lives and rejoin their communities. By connecting those affected by conflict through networks of survivors, we help people overcome trauma and injury and regain their place in society. Survivor Corps (formerly Landmine Survivors Network) was born out of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, co-recipient of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize, and recently spearheaded the development of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Over the past ten years, we have established successful peer support programs in eight war affected countries in Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Scott Quilty
US Program Manager
Survivor Corps
2100 M St, NW, Suite 302
Washington, DC 20037
(202) 250-3946

Elizabeth Miner
2100 M St. NW Suite 302,
Washington, DC 20037

Banners and Buttons

120x240 Tower Banner

Donate Today to Help Our Returning Troops! Donate Now! Survivor Corps

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sept 28th at 8:30

Hello hello hello. Yes it's been a while, but hey probably no one reading this anyways and if you are you probably already know whats goin on, but hey maybe for those who don't here a new little tidbit of info.
Sept 28th at 8:30pm I will be performing in my own one woman (ok and one guy playing the piano yay Brett Kristofferson) show at Don't Tell Mama. If you're in the NYC area and feelin like checkin me out in person, see how funny i may be and hear my luscious tones as i sing through some musical theater tunes and ooohh a kd Lang tune, come out and see it.
Again thats:
When: Sunday Sept 28th at 8:30pm
where: Don't Tell Mama
343 W 46th Street btwn 8th adn 9th ave
New York, NY
tix are $10 and there's a two drink minimum
for reservations you can call 212.757.0788

Got a call back this coming monday for a preview reading of a new musical. Should be interesting.

Hanna has dropped some rain on nyc today. I made it wandering around quite a bit and then walking from my train stop to my apartment, i finally got completely drenched. This huge downpour started and the wind came. Of course by the time i made it to my front stopped and went back to a moderate rain. Figures. But hey at least I was home and could change quickly and laugh at myself without anyone noticing!

I've been searching photography classes to take. I got a new digital slr camera and need to learn how to use it properly and take great pics.

Lets see what else?! My hair is still growing yay!! And 3/4 of it is super curly. But hey I'll take it! It's funny the sides next to my ears are quit a bit straighter then the top so it's entertaining.
I'll post a pic (it's of me and my friend Pat at the preseason Giants vs Patriots game out at the Meadowlands from couple weeks ago.) That was my first nfl game (or well almost regular season game, but still first nfl)

So thast about all, just workin and memorizing and rehearsing!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

july update

Howdy all!
First a shout out to Duncan and his cast of Prince Trevor Amongst the Elephants and the Midtown International Theater Festival. If you get a chance check it out!
Got the results of my latest Pet/CT scan and evrything is all negative!! Yay!! No activity and thats a good thing! whew!! I had some weird itching on my ankle that was freaking me out like hodgkins coming back but it wasn't. Mustve just been some sand flea from the beach biting me!
I got a new MacBook and am loving it. Though it is something to get used to since I've been on a pc for so long. I do miss some applications! I need to get a copy of windows for mac thats for sure!
I'm finally motivated to put my cabaret feature length debut show together. I've been listening to tons with thoughts of what to do and how to piece it all together. I'm thinkin sometime in Sept as long as I have an accomp and the venue is free! Most likely a sunday or a monday night. If you have any suggestions of what you may want to hear me sing....let me know!
Oh! and my website it kind of up and running. It's really generic but for know it's something. I have to figure out how to add some music to it. If you care to take alook at it it's . Or you can also check out and check out a couple of songs there. I threw that back up there for a submission for an audition. All i heard was we'll get back to you in a couple days so I dunno if i even get to go to the audition lol. Hopefully I'm getting new headshots in August! If you've seen my headshot, then you really know it needs an update for sure! Oh it's from 2002 and my hair has since fallen out and grown back and as you can see is now short (but growing!) and curly! Still trying to figure out this curly business. I'm used to wavy but curls are good too!
Guess thats the update for now

Friday, June 6, 2008

Alaska sideshow

Here's a slide show of my Alaska Cruise pics!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cruisin through Alaska

Happy Memorial Day-a little bit late. But hey I was on a cruise in a Alaska over Memorial Day.
i have to say it didn't start of so great. My first flight (to Atlanta then would connect to a flight to Seattle) was an hour late. Normally wouldn't be that big of a deal but I only had 45 minutes between flights in Atlanta. I missed my connecting flight and had to wait 3 hours for the next flight out. I had the last seat on that sucker, the middle seat, in between two guys. One extremely tall, but who slept the whole flight and one metrosexual guy with his eye mask on to sleep. Seemed to get an attitude when after about 4 hours i finally was like "excuse me" so I could get up. whatever dude. Anyways, just before I was boarding the flight to Seattle, I realized I didn't have my passport or my birth certificate! ahhhhhh!!! I was thinking Alaska, its the US why would I need it. Not remembering that we also were stopping in Canada. Luckily I texted and left a voicemail for my roommate and my mom called her, I knew exactly where my documents were and told her. She was able to find everything and scan it to my moms cousin who lives in Seattle and works 2 blocks away from the hotel we were at. So 8am the next morning she dropped those off. I had to take a cab to the hotel becuase the one we were staying at was not covered by the shuttle bus and the bus voucher i had from Holland america, they closed at 11 and i got in at midnight. However my luggage made it on the original plane i was supposed to be on, so it got to Seattle before I did.
The next morning, Diana dropped of the documents, we talked to the Holland America rep who said luckily they are the only cruise line who will accept copies of the actual documents. When we go through embarkation just ask to speak to a supervisor. When we got to the embarkation place, we talked with the supervisor. She saw we had copies of everything and was very happy to tell us it was all ok and we did good. And we got on the boat yay!! Apparently the week before a couple couldn't find the passports and had no copies. the were from Georgia and ended up not being able to get on the boat. So lesson learned, going on a cruise anywhere, always take your passport and birth certificate!
It was a great trip. Alaska is beautiful!! I took over 290 pictures, not including the ones I deleted along the way as bad ones lol. The weather was great! Juneau was around 72degrees, Sitka around 68, Galcier Bay 60's, and all sunny. Ketchikan (the Salmon Capital of the world and rain capital of alaska) was cloudy, around high 50's but no rain!! Victoria started in the 70's but since we got there in the evening it did drop quite a bit. We took 3 whale watching catamarans (Juneau, Sitka, and Victoria) Saw Humpback whales and seals in Alaska and in Canada we saw Killer Whales or "Orca's". We watched a whole pod, the J Pod, about 15-25 of them just frollicking and having fun. It was great! Couldn't get any great shots becuase of the boat bopping up and down and my slow camera but was really fun! I definelty recomment cruising to Alaska.

On the med front, the steri strips all fell off the med port removal incision. The scar is a little lumpy so I keep massaging it hoping it will go down and not be a keloid scar. but if it is it is. My next scan isn't until end of summer, though I kind of wish i had one a little sooner. Just nerves of not knowing or having confirmation that things are still fine.

If you want to see some pics just let me know, i'm not good at posting a bunch on here. or you can checkout my facebook page too (just ask for it)
happy summer!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I have been deported!

Well folks,I have been deported! That is to say, I have had my mediport removed. This morning to be exact! I had to be at the hospital at 7:45 in the morning. Ugh. Now thats a hard fete but I made it. I dragged my roommate Angela with me (thanks Ang!) as they said to bring someone with you because of the sedation. Well come to find out after all was said and done, I didn't have any seditives so really didn't need an escort, but it was a funny experience.
We got there, i got registered then went on up to the vascular radiology dept. They let Angela go in the room with me and this young guy named Bradley I believe came in. When walking to the room, i heard him quickly say his name, while just staring at Angela. Once in the room he repeated his name, then added the Dr Speilman or whatever it was, and still would look at Angela. lol. In my head I was like hey I know she's the hot one but hey I'm the patient lol It was rather amusing. Then we moved to the room next door and waited awhile. the nurse came in , took a look at the veins and said yeah these will work basically. Then came back and said, they said you don't need seditives they're just gonna numb up the area so you don't feel anything. Ummm ok. So after a while of waiting Dr Charles is ready to being. And they kick Angela out back to the waiting room. then they begin. I'm just layin on the stretcher in a gown, jeans, tennis shoes, they stuck a cap over my bandanaed head. He numbed up the area, which friggin stings! Then started slicin and dicin. there was a point where i was like ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch! "Ooohh thats just the scar tissue that hurts more", was the response. then i said "well use more lidocaine!" they did. it was a gross feeling when he was tugging away trying to pull out the port. after a year I guess it was nicely stuck in there! ick gross, cuase he was tuggin pretty hard for it to come out. then he stitched me up. There was a couple little spots where it stung a little more but they said no more lidocain lol. then it was done. I think it took like 15-30 minutes in total. During the procedure, the doc was making small talk like "Do you have any children?" To which i said, no. then it was, "do you want any?" which i said, "someday but i have to have the husband first." "Well when is that happening?" "Ummm thats a good question" lol. Then it was "what do you do?", "I work for a publishing company" (which he actually knows of and subscribes to one of our jrnls, which is apparently expensive lol) and I said I sang and oh didnt he hear my roommate singin in here earlier. his reply was "oh that was your roommate? You two must be a force.....maneaters!" hilarious. But I think through this morning they all probably thought we were lovers lol.

Then we left, went to breakfast, did some shopping then came back. Then i took a nap yay! I love naps!

I have to say, the removal was much easier and moving around afterwards, much easier. I remember when I had it put in, it was hard to lay on my side or stomach but now I can lay on my side, well not that side, but get to the side easier and move without any problems.

So that was my day!